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Dr. Mary Frye has been serving the Warren community for 30+ years, changing the way people view and manage their health, by improving function, nutrition, exercise and reducing toxicity. These essentials help correct the cause of sickness and disease, restoring and preserving health without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Mary Frye


Dr. Mary Frye is a 1986 graduate of Life University in Marietta, GA, and undergrad studies at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.
She comes from a family raised in chiropractic. She has three sisters who are also chiropractors and many friends/past employees have become chiropractors as the result of Dr. Mary’s inspiration and commitment to her profession. Mentored by some of the most successful chiropractors today, she built one of the largest and long standing chiropractic clinics in Michigan.
Dr. Mary Frye was raised in Warren, MI and went to Cousino High School. What she loves most is adjusting patients. “God has truly Blessed me with a gift to inspire health and healing in my patients and it is very rewarding to see people embracing their healing potential. Turning on their power is the most important part.” She enjoys golfing, boating and has two English Bulldogs named Zeus and Beau.
Dr. Mary Frye, founder and director of 1st Chiropractic Life Center, since 1990, has for the past 12 years of practice, been certified in MaxLiving nutrition, spinal correction and exercise. She is even on the wellness advisory council for the Olympics.
Thanks to her parents, Mary has lived a chiropractic lifestyle and is passionate about sharing this way of life with the world.
She is married to Michael and has three great kids, Shelbie, Tayler and Jacob. Her oldest is an honor student at Life University and hopes to return to run 1st Chiropractic with her mom after graduation.
Optimistic Quote – Affirmation
“Persistence alone is omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge
“Drink life to the lees” – Alfred Tennyson
Top Three Core Values
Enjoy the process
Total Commitment
Do the absolute best you can (in every dimension of life)
When you are committed and focused – life is fun!
Education is process – it only happens over time
Say what’s on your heart –Trust God with your heart!

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Lorena Ferrari

Office Manager

I met Dr. Mary at my church when she hosted a bible study on getting healthy, in January 2016 and continued as a patient. I've been working with Dr. Mary since November 2018. I love the experience I am learning and growing from helping help Dr. Mary change people lives and see miracles happen.

Personally, it is a blessing to have such a great team in my life and to work for 1st Chiropractor Life Center. This is helping me learn about my health, my body, and my mind. Dr. Mary is getting me on the right path. I love being an encouragement to our patients and help others see the benefits of taking good care of themselves.

Kasey Nigbor

Chiropractic Assistant

Lora Lewis

Chiropractic Assistant


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